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The office of Jacksonville, NC Dentist, and Periodontist Dr. Jose I. Arauz Periodontics welcomes you to this website and hopes that it will help to answer your questions about gum recession, implants, periodontal disease (gum disease), gum grafting, and many other subjects related to the field Periodontics. Dr. Arauz is Jacksonville's dental implant specialist offering you the expertise you need and the care you deserve. 

Our primary objective is to assist you in developing an optimal strategy for achieving and maintaining your dental health. This begins by focusing on your needs, desires, anxieties, and limitations, from the moment the first contact is made; whether by phone, mail, e-mail or in person.

We are committed to providing you with excellent periodontal and implant care in a caring, safe, and comfortable environment. Dr. Arauz and his professional staff are trained and focused on effectively listening to help each patient articulate and obtain their desired results.

We strongly recognize and advocate the role of other dentists, periodontists and specialists in your treatment and fully endorse the “team approach” to allow each professional to contribute his or her expertise for your maximum benefit.

While we take great pride in our services and achievements, you should know that our greatest accomplishment is creating the foundation for great smiles.

For appointments, please contact us by phone at (910) 600-6171 or completing our online appointment form. No referral is necessary to make an appointment to see our clinical team and new patients are always welcome.

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AAPAmerican Dental AssociationAmerican Board of PeriodontologySAPAcademy of Osseointergration North Carolina Dental Society

Jose I. Arauz, DMD, PA is a BBB Accredited Periodontist in Jacksonville, NC